How Does saral help in the
Client's Success

How Does saral help in the Client's Success

Chechay Pads: Saral

The secret sauce of Saral Designs’ success is effortless; we believe in promising enough and delivering more. On the occasion of Saral’s 100th Sanitary Pad making machine dispatch, we would like to share our success stories with you which tell how we go out of the general framework of the contract and transaction to help our clients be more successful. Our mission is not just to sell the machines, we handhold new entrepreneurs, we contribute to building businesses and generating employment.


The first Sanitary Napkin Manufacturer of Bhutan:

Meet Ms. Pema Chozom from Bhutan. A budding entrepreneur with a dream to solve period poverty in Bhutan. Pema wanted to start a Sanitary Napkin manufacturing business in Bhutan and she was the first to take action on her dreams in her country. As usual, we understood her requirements and built our best machine, and delivered it swiftly crossing 4 states and 2700 km. But the actual challenge started after the machine installation.

Till that time, Bhutan was not having its own Quality Standards for Sanitary Napkins. The government was baffled about how it should be passed and certified to go into the hands of the consumers. Saral Design’s experienced team came to the rescue. Our domain experts who have detailed knowledge of Indian Standards offered to help Ms. Pema in this regard.

We asked Ms. Pema to reach out to Bhutan Standards Beuro (BSB) and ask them to develop a standard like that of India. We shared our Standards on Sanitary Pads with Ms. Pema and explained everything about all the tests and the procedures and equipment required to carry out those tests. We also shipped a few small pieces of equipment from India to Bhutan. There are certain tests that need complex and costly equipment and require time to set up a lab. Those tests we carried out here in India on the Sanitary pads produced by the machine that was set up in Bhutan. And finally, BSB’s own standard of Sanitary Napkin got developed similarly to that of India and Chechay Pads (the brand of Ms. Pema Chozom) became the first brand that was made in Bhutan and got certified by BSB.

Chechay Pads were inaugurated in the hands of the Honorable Prime Minister of Bhutan Mr. Lotay Tshering. Ms. Pema also won several accolades like the Bhutan Enterprize Award, the Ministry of Economic Affairs Award, and many more. Chechay Pads are now available in many retail stores in Bhutan and Ms. Pema is a young woman entrepreneur icon of the country.

This was the story of Ms. Pema and her brand Chechay Pads. Let us know how can we help you to build your success story.

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