Rehana (Sangini)

I started selling sanitary pads from my small jewellery shop with the help of Saral Designs and now I am making a living off it. I even gave this idea to couple of my friends and now they have also become sanginis and are earning a living by selling sanitary pads.

Shameem shaikh

With the help of Saral Designs, we are visiting rural areas where we are distributing pads and educating women about menstrual hygiene. We have 70 Sanginis in Help foundation who are now making a living by selling sanitary pads.

Alan, Africa, Machine Partner

I am very happy with the set of the Swachh sanitary napkin making machine. Their team educates and assists with guidance to grow the business. The machines are easy to use, affordable and fast enough to produce a good quality product that you can feel proud of.

Sivsankar, Madurai, Machine Partner

According to the statistics only 18% of women use sanitary napkins. So there is very good potential for selling sanitary napkins as well as promote menstrual hygiene among women. Let us make in India and contribute to its progress and development.

Shamshad, Latur, Machine Partner

The team at Saral Design is responsive and collaborative, easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss our concerns and respond to questions. The Aftersales support is very effective as the engineers are efficient and reply to our concerns immediately.

Mrs. Shraddha, Mumbai, School Teacher

After installation & awareness session girls started talking freely about periods with us. Girls now feel comfortable to discuss this topic openly with us. It has also helped reduce school absenteeism especially during the days when girls are on their period.

Ashish Shrivastava, Chhattisgarh, NGO Partner

The quality of pads is very good at such an affordable price. Our staff in tribal areas,used the pads for the first time and experienced how hygiene leads to a healthier life. On behalf of our team, we would like to thank them for this kind gesture and constant support.

Ariful Forquan, Bangladesh, Machine Partner

With the technology from India, I am able to provide pads to garment workers in Dhaka at a very affordable price. Saral Designs has provided an end-to-end solutions which has helped me lay the foundation for my own company. Thank you for all your help and support.

Sapna Marade, Wadavalli, Pad Distributor

I hardly go to the town, I feel shy about asking my family members to get pads for me, hence used cloth pads. A Sangini didi now sells pads in our village and it is very convenient for me. I like the quality of Active pads. Now I use only Active pads for myself.

Urmila Dalwi, Sangini, Pali, Karjat

I am happy that I have taken a step towards breaking the taboo by talking about periods to women and girls in my village. By selling Active pads, I ensure that every woman in my village will have better hygiene during periods.

Devjani Soraisam, Manipur, Pad Distributor

I appreciate Saral Designs for providing us quality sanitary napkins on regular basis since the inception of our organization. Their product is great and service is reliable. I am so glad and happy to have tied up with Saral Designs.

Priyanka Nayak, Mumbai, Pad User

Just like its name, it serves highly efficient “Active” sanitary pads. Large wings which comes with undivided comfort and amazingly super thin pads are the biggest saviour. The wait is finally over to hunt for the right Sanitary pads.I loved the cute doodles on the cover.

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