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Jayshree Kamble – Urban Slum Distribution Network

Jayshree Kamble is a middle-aged woman who lives in a 100 sq. ft. house with her family in this slum which is a settlement located in a hillock.


Women staying on the hillock face several challenges in their everyday lifes. Access to clean toilets and maintaining proper sanitization is a task owing to the sloping terrain. It makes it difficult to set up infrastructure and facilities. They have to come down to the foot of the hill to use toilets which usually by the end of the day would be very dirty. Matters get worse during their periods with unavailability of low-cost sanitary pads which lead to the application of unhygienic and unhealthy practices. Due to these unhygienic conditions and improper practices the majority of the women suffer urinary tract infections and various other problems. Lack of access to clean hygienic infrastructure and unavailability of affordable low-cost sanitary pads sometimes results in life-threatening situations for these women.

The Solution

Recognizing that the challenges of maintaining menstrual hygiene would be even more difficult than it appeared, Jayshree has been actively involved in putting efforts for this social cause working on issues particularly concerning children and women in her community for over 10 years. With the help of Saral Designs, Jayshree is now able to reach out to women on the door to door basis in remote areas and educate them on the importance of menstrual hygiene. Not only that, she procures sanitary napkins from Saral Designs and provides them at a much more affordable and cost-effective price. Jayshree conducts several awareness campaigns for these women to make them understand the importance of proper hygiene practices and cleanliness during menses.


Women in urban slums face many challenges during periods. Especially on a hillock like ours, accessibility to sanitary napkins is low. We do not have general stores here that keep sanitary napkins for sale and medical is far on the main road. If women need a sanitary napkin in the night, it is unsafe for them to go down and get it, which is why a door-to-door network in essential requirement in this community and I am glad that Saral Designs is helping me solve the problem of accessibility and affordability in this urban slum.

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