New Business Opportunity

Kalashree Healthcare – New Business Opportunity

Swachh machines provide an ideal solution for new entrepreneurs looking to start a sustainable and medium scale business. Manisha and her husband Nitin Harhare wanted to start production and distribution of high quality and low cost sanitary napkins in Pune. They co-founded a new business named Kalashree Healthcare. Looking for an efficient machine which can ensure good return on investment, they decided to purchase Swachh 3.0 to start their entrepreneurial journey in menstrual hygiene.


Kalashree Healthcare is a social enterprise in Pune working on producing sanitary napkins for urban and rural women in outskirts of Pune.

The Solution

With the support from Government loan and subsidy schemes like CM Employment Generation Program of Maharashtra, they setup manufacturing on sanitary pads. They are distributing pads via traditional distribution networks like retail but also innovating with rural distribution models in schools, factories, vending machines and women distribution network. Saral Designs is also supporting Kalashree Healthcare in creating a rural distribution network and awareness in communities. Currently, there are 6 women working in the production unit and 100+ women who are involved in distribution as they complete their first year of production. They are also collaborating with Saral Desgins on ‘Project Atmavishwas’ to improve menstrual hygiene awareness in rural communities around Pune.


“I recommend Saral Designs as machine manufacturer with a great after sales maintenance service. The Saral team is always there to help in any situation with a good and friendly team.” – Kaustubh Harhare

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