Empowerment Through Production

SIPL – Empowerment through production

SIPL (Suman Industries Pvt Ltd) runs a skill development program intended to empower SHG women in Latur by training them to manufacture, market and sell low cost high-quality sanitary napkins. This program has a dual goal of promoting better menstrual health in their communities as well as giving these women access to economic independence and self-sufficiency via entrepreneurship.

Aimed at empowering lesser educated women from underprivileged backgrounds, SIPL is creating local champions of good menstrual health habits.

Holistic Community Solution – Not for Profit Organisation that has setup a production unit and runs…


SIPL works very closely with various stakeholders of Government and Non-Government departments or corporates in the sanitation and public health space. They also contribute largely to Menstrual Hygiene Management programs by setting up sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators in Schools, and capacity building on MHM via training.

The Solution

There is a need for a quality low-cost napkin at the district level. SIPL sought out to address this along with the serious unemployment issues in a place like Latur where agriculture incomes are not enough to support families. The solution was decentralizing the production process via skill development at the district level.

The entire team at Saral Design is highly responsive and collaborative. Their dedicated approach and willingness to make time for discussing our concerns gave us comfort and confidence in working with the right set of people. SD team was prompt in responding to the queries raised which made it very easy to work with them.

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