Buying a Sanitary Napkin-Making Machine: Myth Vs Reality

Buying a Sanitary Napkin-Making Machine: Myth Vs Reality

So you have decided to start Manufacturing and Selling Sanitary Napkins. But you are not sure which machine to buy, what should be its features, what should be the speed of the machine, whether will it be reliable, at what cost you should buy the machine, and how to run a profitable business. First of all, we congratulate you that you landed on the right page where we can add some value to your business decision. This article will answer most of your questions.

The starting point of buying a sanitary napkin machine is, you must look for a reliable and reputable machine manufacturer in your country.

Irrespective of speed, features, or any other things, this should be the topmost criterion in your buying decision. Because the support system is easily accessible in case of any requirement whether it is a service, breakdown, training, upgradation or modifications. The reputation of any manufacturer is not built overnight. It takes lots of effort that go into product refining, after-sales service, and overall customer experience. And the manufacturer will take the extra mile to keep you satisfied and maintain that hard-earned reputation achieved by toiling over several years. We at Saral Designs are aimed towards creating a sustainable business model for your new start-up , where you get overall support from our team.

Now what if there is no such reputed manufacturer in your country?

Then you can look for the one who is easily approachable to you, one who keeps all the transparency with you in all the communication, under-commits and over-deliver, and does not show a rosy picture but talks practically. Select the one who will guide you, train you, and be there with you in your success journey. Go with the one who has the industry insights, and is there in the industry for a considerable number of years. Saral helps companies and individuals with solutions to setup a sanitary pad making unit , they have installed 100+ machines across the globe.

If the above things are in place, then you can be quite sure that the machines/models that are being manufactured by that Machine Manufacturer are already serving the purpose of their larger customer base, which means there is a high chance that, it will serve your purpose as well which you can discuss and confirm with the manufacturer.

Now let’s debunk certain biases, misconceptions, and prejudices that come in between you and your decision to zero down on the right machine model for you.

Myth:  Anything below 300 ppm (Pieces per Minute) or 600 ppm machines, compromises efficiency

One common misconception about below 300 ppm sanitary napkin machines is that they are inefficient and slow in production. Critics argue that the slower speed hampers the manufacturing process leading to reduced productivity and limited output which may ultimately impact the unit cost of sanitary napkins.

Reality: Focussed production and quality control

Contrary to the myth, below 300 ppm sanitary napkin machines prioritize precision and quality over sheer speed. These machines are designed to produce sanitary napkins with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring consistent absorbency, shape, and comfort. By focussing on quality control and the risk of errors, low-speed machines produce reliable and high-quality sanitary napkins. The wastage due to errors by operators, and defective raw materials can be kept to a minimum due to the moderate speed. Saral’s swachh machines are customized to produce very high quality sanitary napkins to ensure you get repeat orders from your customers.

Myth:  Below 300 ppm machines are technologically outdated, a highly automated state-of-the-art machine with 600 ppm is a must to start the business

Another misconception surrounding below 300 ppm sanitary napkins machines is that they are technologically outdated and lack the advancements seen in high-speed machines. Critics argue that the slower pace implies a reliance on traditional manufacturing, hindering innovation and progress in the industry.

Reality: Modern technology for superior results

In reality, below 300 ppm sanitary napkin machines have embraced modern technology to enhance their performance. While the speed may be slower, these machines incorporate advanced features such as auto-web aligners, web trim separators, auto tri-folding mechanisms, better adhesive application, heat sealing systems, and enhanced cutting mechanisms. These technological upgrades result in superior product quality and improved user experience. Saral Design Solutions has recently developed and dispatched a state of art fully automatic sanitary pad making machine with the capacity to produce 100 pads/min .

Myth:  Below 300 ppm machines are not energy efficient

There is a prevalent myth that below 300 ppm sanitary napkin machines offer limited environmental benefits compared to their high-speed counterparts. Critics argue that the slower production rate consumes similar amounts of resources, such as space, electricity, and manpower.

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Reality: Sustainable manufacturing practices

In truth, below 300 ppm sanitary napkin machines prioritize sustainability and reduce environmental impact through various means. These machines often incorporate energy-efficient components and waste-reduction mechanisms. Machines are comparatively compact in size, consume less floor space, and can run with optimized manpower. These machines contribute to a greener and more environmentally conscious industry.

Myth:  Below 300 ppm machines hinder economic viability

A misconception associated with below 300 ppm sanitary napkins machines is that they are economically unviable due to their slower production rate and potentially higher labor cost. Critics argue that the reduced output may result in higher manufacturing expenses, making these machines less attractive for large-scale production.

Reality: Enhanced profitability and flexibility

Below 300 ppm machines are meant for greater customization, catering to niche markets and specific product requirements. Additionally, their lower initial costs and maintenance expenses make them a viable option for achieving a break-even point quickly and becoming profitable as early as possible.

To further elaborate on this, let us give thought to the following points-

Being a new entrepreneur, there are lot many things to be factored in for the business success, such as market demand for our product, Sales, and Marketing expenses, Rent and administrative overheads, loans and interest rates, acceptability of the product in the market, cost per piece and profit margin per piece.

When we go for a below 300 ppm machine, it takes comparatively smaller space, is energy efficient, and required minimum manpower on the production floor. All these things keep the manufacturing overheads at a minimum. Below 300 ppm machines are also comparatively less expensive than highly sophisticated high-speed machines. This reduces the burden of capital expenditure, debt, and interest. When market demand for our brand is not yet known and we are testing the water, keeping the fixed cost low is always a wise decision.

Now, having the lower fixed cost, we can gradually increase the production, test the market, if required, quickly change the product features, and slowly push the product to the consumers. Once the product started rolling and the unit becomes profitable, we can add up another machine. At this point, we will have 2 napkins generating engines. We can produce 2 different kinds of napkins simultaneously viz. premium and economical or of 2 different sizes of the same quality as per the market demand. Sometimes, if one machine goes under maintenance, the other machine keeps producing the napkins and our product will never be out of the shelf in the store.

In a nutshell, find and make the machine manufacturer as your good advisor cum mentor and take the best decision jointly that suits your success. A good machine manufacturer will never let you down as its success lies in your success. Connect with Saral Designs to understand more about the sanitary pad manufacturing business , we will be happy to solve all your queries ,

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