What do users say about India’s most reliable and trusted small-scale sanitary pad-making machine: Swachh Micro

What do users say about India’s most reliable and trusted small-scale sanitary pad-making machine: Swachh Micro

Our aim at Saral Designs is to improve the quality of menstrual hygiene for low-income women across the world. With this mantra at the core of our organization, we developed one of the most amazing Sanitary Pad Making machines in the world, the SWACHH MICRO. Swachh Micro Sanitary Pad-making Machine aims to promote menstrual hygiene and empower women in rural areas by giving them access to affordable and sustainable sanitary napkins.

Swachh Micro is a Manual Sanitary Napkin making machine for producing high-qualityultrathin sanitary napkins. The machine is low-cost, compact, and easy to operate.This simple machine runs manually and can produce high-quality sanitary napkins in a relatively small-scale setup. This machine contains a foot-operated heat sealing station and a cutting station. This machine is ideal for Self Help Groups, small-scale entrepreneurs, and micro enterprises worldwide.

The Salient Features of this sanitary napkin manufacturing unit include:-

    • Operator friendly.
    • Reliable Heated + Adhesive boundary sealing technology to ensure 100% leakproof pads.
    • Need very little manpower and any unskilled labor can also operate.
    • Very less space for setting up complete machinery.
    • Makes high-quality ultra-thin sanitary pads with a low setup cost.
    • Easy process for re-mounting the raw materials roll
    • Multiple sizes and shapes of sanitary pads can be made per required customization.
    • Easy Maintenance.
    • Easy Troubleshooting.

Success Story

NABARD a subsidiary of Nab Foundation came up with a project under MY PAD|MY RIGHT, which was inaugurated by Smriti Irani, a member of the Lok Sabha, in 2020. They came up with the idea to take this innovation to all districts of the country, starting with 70+ districts across the country. ‌Locations range from remote locations in the valleys of Anantnag, J&K to small villages in Tamilnadu.

SARAL DESIGNS and NABARD have associated ‌SHG machine partners ‌providing solutions for installing a sustainable business model. We came up with our Idea of ‘Business-In-A-Box’ where we provide the machine partner with a complete solution.

In This Solution, we enable Organizations and Individuals in

  • Assessment of the community
  • Identifying Appropriate Products & Scale Of Production
  • Multi-level All-round Training
  • Create A Last Mile Distribution Network
  • School And Community Awareness Workshops
  • Continued Maintenance & Supply Chain Support
  • Develop A Basket Of Product Offerings
  • A Self-sustainable Community Led Solution

To learn more about this project please read our blog at the link below:


Saral Designs has also helped many new entrepreneurs, NGOs, CSRs, and SHGs to set up a sustainable and successful Sanitary Napkin manufacturing business. To know more about our solutions and Business Opportunities Please visit our website – www.saraldesigns.in or you can contact us at +91 90293 30401 |+91 81081 39176

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