Co-creating and Building Long-Term Relationships with the Stakeholders

Co-creating and Building Long-Term Relationships with the Stakeholders

Saral Designs works on all spectrums of Menstrual Health Management (MHM), from selling machines to helping in building a sanitary napkin business, to door-to-door sales network to awareness generation. It is our motto to work hand in hand with our stakeholders at each step and we also keep taking feedback from our various stakeholders, this helps in building good rapport and long-term relationships. 

Keeping all this in mind at the end of our project with Grand Challenges Canada we hosted a co-creation workshop with the help of The Change Designers. This was a four-day co-creation workshop during which we engaged all our stakeholders in a design workshop to co-create a vision for the next communication strategy for Saral Designs. During the four-day workshop we have involved all teams of Saral Designs, machine partners (entrepreneurs), intermediaries including Senior Sanginis and Sanginis and NGO partners on the first three days and funders from Grand Challenges Canada and Yes Foundation on Day 4.

Using visual tools for presenting data in the form of a story

This process allowed participants to raise questions for further exploration, discover new possibilities for creating communication interventions and weave narratives from the resources shared. It was an immersive experience and was designed by The Change Designers using a unique mix of systems thinking, design thinking, liberating structures and storytelling to engage stakeholders.

Brainstorming activity to design a communication campaign 

With help of storytelling, we worked on the concepts of behaviour change communication, inclusion of men and Transgender in menstrual health management, developing a mascot, re-strategizing the brand positioning of Saral and development of need based communication materials. We further put the ideas on a jam board and worked towards the common suggestions given by the stakeholders.

By the end of the workshop, we have come up with the next step for Saral Designs in building a better communication approach by creating an impactful campaign and a model for Saral Design’s exponential growth and reach. It came out from the various discussions that Saral Designs will have to build a compelling brand story using a central character or a mascot along with a 360 degree transmedia campaign. 

Author : Manglika Tripathi
Resource Mobilization and Partnership Consultant

She is a Master’s in Women Studies and has done MBA in Health and Hospital Management with experience of around 11 years in the field of Public Health. Her special areas of interest are Public Health, gender, and Women empowerment.

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