Checklist for Choosing the Best Sanitary Pad Making Machine

Checklist for Choosing the Best Sanitary Pad Making Machine

Sanitary pads are an essential commodity for women, and the demand for quality sanitary pads is increasing with the increase in awareness about feminine hygiene. To meet this demand, many companies/individuals are investing in the production of sanitary pads, and the need for a good sanitary pad making machine is rising.

Choosing the best sanitary pad making machine is crucial for any business that aims to produce high-quality sanitary pads. This also highly contributes to the Cost of setting up a sanitary napkin manufacturing business in India. 

Saral Design Solutions Pvt Ltd is a National Entrepreneurship Award and MAHARASHTRA’S MOST INNOVATIVE START-UP award winning organization. We have Installed more than 80 machines across India and various other countries. Our Experts on field have curated   This Checklist to help New Entrepreneurs in selecting the best machines and Where to buy a sanitary pad-making machine ?

Machine Components

  • Thermal + Glue sealing:
    • Relying only on Ultrasonic sealing is risky as many times it does not provide a good sealing strength. Weak sealing gives chances of pad leakage. This will hamper the reputation of brand in the market. Consumers will never accept a leaking pad.
    • Note: SARAL’s machines has Thermal + Glue Sealing which gives a better sealing strength.
  • Position glue machine:
    • To save the Cost of setting up a sanitary napkin manufacturing business, many low cost machine manufacturers do not provide Position Glue Machines. This is avoided by providing a 3 Combo Raw Material (PE Back Sheet + Pre-applied Position Glue + Release Paper). The Position glue spread in this material is not in a strip form and hence consumption is high so the cost of raw material also increases. Due to this, Buyer always has to rely on the Machine manufacturer for raw material supply which can be costly and risky.
    • SARAL’s machines come with Position Glue Machines (Other than our few Economy Models) which avoids the above problems.
  • Construction glue machine:
  • Construction Glue machine is required for Glue sealing. This is generally absent in low cost Ultrasonic Machines.
  • Swacch machines include Construction Glue Machine
  • Continuous core / intermittent core:
    • Continuous core consumes more raw material per pad which increases the pad cost.
    • There are high chances of pad leakage at the edges of the core in case of continuous core.
    • SARAL’s machines produce pads with intermittent cores. There is a saving in raw material in the intermittent core and also it gives good sealing along the complete boundary of the pad.
  • Machine speed true to the commitment:
    • Machine speed true to the commitment:
      • Low cost Machines can not be run on the high speed without high rejection. These machines do not have Auto-web Aligners.
      • To run low cost machines at high speed requires high skilled manpower.
      • SARAL’s machines contain Auto-web Aligners (Other than few economic machines) which help each raw material to keep in its place while running at high speed and minimize the rejection and can be operated by semi-skilled operators.
    • Is machine upgrade possible in terms of speed and features, shape and size of the pads:
      • Low cost machines can not be upgraded to additional features as those machine manufacturers have never thought of future requirements of the Machine Buyer.
      • Swacch machines can be upgraded in future for speed and features, shape and size of the pads. (Other than economy models)
    • Non Woven Top Sheet, Perforated Top Sheet / Dry Net:
      • Many low cost machines are designed for only one kind of raw material. This constraints the flexibility and freedom of the Machine Buyer to use any other raw material.
      • SARAL’s machines are designed for Non Woven Top Sheet, Perforated Top Sheet / Dry Net which gives flexibility and freedom to the Machine Buyer.
    • Noise Level of the Machine:
      • Low Cost Ultrasonic Machines make more noise.
      • Swacch machines are comparatively less noisier
  • Inline tri-folding possible or not?
    • Low cost machines are not capable of Tri-folding the pads. Always have to use labors to Tri-fold the pads. Hence pad cost can never be reduced by automatic tri-folding.
    • SARAL’s machines can be equipped with in-line automatic Tri-folding feature anytime as per the requirement of the Buyer. This saves the labour cost & Labour Dependency.
  • Provision for safety against voltage fluctuation:
    • Low Cost machines do not have any protection against voltage fluctuations which is a common thing at many locations. This may cause damage to the electronic components in the machine and such damages are not covered under warranty.
    • SARAL’s machines are equipped with Surge Protection Device, Voltage Protection Rela
  • Branded Machine Components:
    • Low Cost machine manufacturers do not use branded components in their machines. The reliability and useful life of the machine is very poor after expiry of the warranty period.
    • Swacch machines are built with branded components of Janatics Pneumatic components, SKF Bearings, Phoenix Potential Distributor, Siamese MCB, Crompton Greaves Motors, Delta VFD, SELECT PLC, ConnectWell Connectors, DataLogic Sensors.
    Extended Support to the Buyer
  • Demo at Client side:
    • Low Cost machine manufacturers are generally hesitant to give demonstration of a running machine at their clients’ site to the new Buyers. It is very risky to buy the machine blindly within seeing the running machine and feedback of other buyers.
    • SARAL is very open to provide machine demos at the existing clients’ site as per the convenience of the Buyer and the existing clients.
  • Number of Days invested by Manufacturer in Machine Installation and Training:
    • It takes a lot of time and Cost of setting up a sanitary napkin manufacturing business to spend sufficient time at the Buyer’s Site for a proper installation of the machine and giving training to the Machine Operator hired by the Buyer at his/her location. Low Cost machine manufacturers do not invest much time and cost in this.
    • SARAL invests its time and money in Client’s success by spending enough time on a successful machine installation and training to Buyer’s operator(s).
  • Training on Raw material and unit economics:
    • Low Cost machine manufacturers do not educate machine buyers on the selection and importance of raw materials as they themselves has less knowledge on it and the small team at the Low Cost machine manufacturers do not have subject matter experts.
    • SARAL has subject matter experts who guide the Buyers on right selection of raw materials and keep the unit economics at its best with superior Quality of pads
  • Raw material sourcing support:
    • Buyers need good connections in the industry to purchase raw material independently from reliable vendors. This connection and networking is not possible to obtain from Low Cost machine manufacturers.
    • Being for more than 7 years in the industry SARAL has established good relations Raw Material vendors and Machine Buyer’s can be benefited from it in various ways.
  • Manufacturing ecosystem, sharing of demand and production load:
    • There can be a possibility that sometimes the Machine Buyer has a huge demand of Pad orders and can not be fulfilled at his/her own. Other low cost machine manufacturers do not have enough machines sold in the market which are running well. The Machine manufacturers also hesitate to provide contacts of the other Machine Buyers. Hence the Machine Buyers can not get the benefit of outsourcing or subcontracting of production to the other Machine Buyers who can produce the same quality of pads.
    • In the past 7 years, SARAL has sold enough machines and the Pad Market is continuously growing. The large orders can be fulfilled by outsourcing the production to the other Machine Buyers having the same or similar machine which can produce the same quality of Pads. Hence SARAL’s machine Buyers always enjoy this Manufacturing eco-system of a sharing production demand.
  After sales service /Warranty?
  • Machine warranty:
    • Low Cost machine manufacturers do not cover many components in Machine Warranty. They generally do not provide a detailed clarity on what is covered and what is not covered. And many times find excuses to not bear the cost of machine components which come under warranty.
    • SARAL has a very clear documented warranty policy and always sticks to its words. SARAL has a dedicated and separate team to handle all warranty issues and always act in the best interest of the customers. Many times SARAL incurs an extra cost or takes the extra efforts to satisfy the customers. Hence SARAL’s Customer Satisfaction Index is very high.
  • Warranty of ultrasonic horn and generator:
    • Warranty of Ultrasonic Horn and Generator is generally not provided by Low Cost machine manufacturers. Hence it should be specifically asked as there are high chances of failure of horn and generators due to power fluctuations.
    • SARAL’s machines are free from Ultrasonic Horn and Genrators hence there is no question of failure or breakdowns due to it. SARAL’s machines have highly reliable heat sealing and embossing.
  • UV sterilizer, comes under warranty or not?
    • Many machine manufacturers do not cover UV sterilizers under warranty.
    • SARAL covers UV sterilizer under warranty.
  • Support after expiry of warranty period:
    • Low Cost Machine Manufacturers generally avoid providing technical support after expiry of warranty period, as the selling of the machine is their primary aim.
    • SARAL provides continuous technical support even after machine warranty period is expired; as the primary goal of SARAL is to be a long term player in the Hygiene industry with a good reputation as a world class hygiene machine manufacturer with the vision to end period poverty and make the affordable pads available to all by enabling the entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses and generate employments.
  • Reinstallation of the Machine at another site:
    • There can be a situation when the machine Buyer may wish to shift and reinstall the machine from one site to another. Many manufacturers do not support it; as they feel that it is a very low profit margn activity for them.
    • SARAL understands the Buyer’s needs and support fully in such cases.
  • Dedicated Technician for after sales service?
    • Many manufacturers do not assign a dedicated technician for after sales support to the Buyer due to the small team.
    • SARAL has a separate after sales service team and assigns a dedicated technician generally the same who installs the machine. Buyer can always be in touch with this technician for any technical issues.

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