Is Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Business really profitable ?

Is Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Business really profitable ?

Starting a sanitary napkin business can be a great way to make a positive impact in the world.

With an increase in the market for sanitary napkins, which is doubling every year. As an entrepreneur this thought might have crossed your mind that Is it really a profitable business?

Let’s get into the depths of this lucrative business and understand more about this business.

This business obviously has a vast untapped market and yes, the business of sanitary napkins is very huge. The market is growing at almost 14% year-on year basis and has a very high CAGR (compound annual growth rate).

Over the last 10 years the market has doubled every five years. Switch shows ‌sanitary napkins are a very fast growing market. While India remains one of the key growth markets for the disposable hygiene industry, the road to success in the market is far smoother and guaranteed by the increase in demand.

Most importantly , sanitary napkins are an essential good. Even when there is a recession or problems in the economic cycle , the demand in  sanitary napkins will continue to benefit the manufacturers and its allied industries heavily.

Evidently, few people have faced many challenges in survival , which is a truth in each and every business.

Let’s Explore the reasons and what are the key pointers that make a sanitary napkin business successful and profitable.

  • Understanding ‌your market and where you have the reach.

Sanitary napkins are an essential product for women of all ages across the globe. In terms of reach, sanitary napkin manufacturers have been able to expand their market reach by employing various marketing strategies.

Firstly, you have to  look at the overall market, identify where your market is and how far you can reach in the market.

Saral Designs most innovative and proven idea known as Business in a Box model will definitely help you in penetrating the market and serve your potential customers.

You have to start by looking into the needs  and assess the requirements of the community, learn where the demand is? ‌‌and what type of Sanitary Napkin women prefer. The failure of previous low cost models introduced by cheap machine makers made us design a sustainable and holistic 4A approach for product and knowledge penetration towards improved menstrual hygiene. The 4 ‘A’s approach we are using has reduced the problems inthe existing model.
  • What type of machine you are using for the production.
Selection of  a machine for the production of pads is also an important factor one should be aware of while starting your successful business. To have a better production of sanitary napkins, you have to select the right machine for establishing a good manufacturing facility. When your business grows through Good quality sanitary pads it will attract more and more customers, generating recurring orders. You have to make sure that you have repeat customers by focusing on your sales and marketing strategy. You can read more about how to chooose a sanitary napkin making machine on our blog in the link below:

  • Overall Unit Economics / How much your pad will Cost?
Unit economics is an important factor to consider when it comes to the sale of sanitary napkins. The cost of production should include the cost of materials, labour, and the cost of any marketing and promotion that is necessary for selling the product. Once these factors are taken into account, the unit economics should be calculated in order to provide a target cost for each unit of the sanitary pad. This target cost should be compared to the cost of production and the price markups to determine if the sale of the product is profitable. If the target cost is lower than the cost of production, the company should consider making adjustments to their pricing or production process in order to maintain a profit margin. It is essential for any enterprise that is selling sanitary napkins to have a well-constructed unit economics plan in place. This will ensure that the company is able to generate a profit while providing a product that meets the needs of their customers. So from the above information we can conclude that Sanitary-napkin manufacturing can be a profitable business if you make your business plan accordingly from ‌day 1 and also to maintain the scale of production according to the cost.

  • Where are you buying your Sanitary Napkin machine from ?
Last but not the least, always consider investing in a high quality sanitary napkin machine supplier. At Saral, we not only provide you with the Machine, we Help you in creating an ecosystem where we will take care by supporting you in  all of your Machine Operation, maintenance, Raw materials, Quality Testing, Assurance. After sales and service, which by far no sanitary pad machine manufacturer can provide. This leads to a successful business in sanitary pads.

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