How to Choose the Machine for Starting Sanitary Pad Manufacturing?

How to choose the machine you need for starting sanitary pad manufacturing from the range of options available

Sanitary Napkins are used by women during menstrual periods as a self-product that is in high demand to ensure hygiene and comfort. The production of napkins is inexpensive and is a profitable business model as a lot of women use these products.

Choosing a machine for the production of a pad is also an important factor one should be aware of when you start your Venture.

Choosing the Right Machine to establish a manufacturing facility for sanitary napkins will provide you with a reliable source of income and help you for better Production of Sanitary Napkins. Once your business’s reputation grows it won’t have problems attracting customers. Make sure you are focusing on your marketing plan as you would like customers to come back for more and repurchase products.

how to choose sanitary pad making machine
At Saral Designs, we strive to make your life more simple and Saral.  
Here are a few things,as you should assess for selecting the right machine

Speed & Scale:

How many women do you want to reach, revenue target, region to be covered
Speed and scale can be decided from 8ppm to 100ppm.

Automation & Unit Economics:

The benefits of automation can include increased efficiency and productivity, reduced labor costs, improved & consistent product quality, and increased safety. Automation also can help to improve working conditions by reducing noise levels, eliminating dangerous or repetitive tasks, and providing a more controlled environment. All the factors led to the economic cost of production.


The production speed of a sanitary napkin machine is determined by several factors, including the type of machine, the number of workers required to operate the machine, and the efficiency of the production process.

Wastage (core wastage):

The production speed of a sanitary napkin machine is determined by several factors, including the type of machine, the number of workers required to operate the machine, and the efficiency of the production process.

In all our Swachh machine variants, the core is cut in a specific length as per the pad’s size which is placed centrally and the entire boundary is sealed equally which enhances the quality of the pad. Additionally, the design also reduces the cost of production because the less raw material is consumed. It can have up to a cost impact of INR 0.30 per pad. For high-speed machines (100 pads per minute), this small feature alone leads to a saving of INR 3 Lac per month!

Overall equipment & efficiency :

Many factors can affect equipment efficiencies, such as the design of the equipment, the quality of the components, the way the equipment is operated, and the maintenance schedule. An OEE score of 100% means you are manufacturing only Good Parts, as fast as possible, with no Stop Time. More than 80% of OEE is considered world-class for the manufacturing industry. Which we have achieved in the Swachh 5.1 sanitary napkin-making machine.

Modularity and customization potential: 

There are many benefits to modularity, but one of the most important is that it allows manufacturers to offer a wider range of options to their customers. By offering modular machines, manufacturers can please a wider range of customers and still keep production costs down. For more information please refer below link.

Machine Longevity :

Longevity means a long duration of individual life. A Machine should have good Longevity as it should have the ability to last for a long period. The longer the life of the machine the more it develops the reputation of being a dependable machine and the more will its performance. Hence the right at the time of designing reliability and durability should be given priority. For this, the machine should be designed for the least maintenance requirements and long life.

Return on the investment made in capital costs increases with the longer life of the machine. bank loans are at least 5 years, so the machine should run a minimum of 5 years. Upgrades on existing machines – Since we have been there since 2015, we have upgraded a lot of our older machines as per the latest technology and pad design trends.


Workspace is expensive and limited. With rentals increasing, saving space should be an important factor in selecting a machine. A machine should have a compact size and all the factors which make the machine work better in limited Space & consume less amount of energy. When the machines are small it is convenient to handle. Saral has various machines that are compact. All SWACHH variants are compact. 

The working principle & Technology used :

Easy operation of the machine, less fatigue for the operators, and good results are required. Operators may be trained effectively at less expense. The design of machines should facilitate the production work. Design, Technology & Principle should be related to the size, height, and functions of the Machines. It should be attractive. Maintenance also becomes easy with standardized machines. Design and standardization should be carefully considered While selecting the Machine.

Safety :

Safety is what matters the most. When the technician/operator is running the machine there shouldn’t be any type of malfunction that can lead to emergencies. Safety modules in machine manuals and emergency break features are good to have.

Service provided by the Manufacture & its warranty :

Quick repairs and proper maintenance are essential for the continuous performance of the machines. The service facility is essential to be looked upon. 

Availability of machine parts & critical spares :

The machine must have some spare parts as it can get you in a pinch if some critical parts get damaged. For the safer side, always keep them handy.

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