How Saral Designs Makes The Special Purpose Machines for Innovators?

How Saral Designs Makes The Special Purpose Machines For Innovators

Hello Innovators! Do you want to know how Special Purpose Machines are put together? 

Let’s begin with what special-purpose machines are?

Special Purpose Machines are those Machines that are not available & need to be tailored or customized as per the need of the customer since they are not present in the standard manufacturing programs.

Also, as the name suggests, special purpose machines (SPM) are crafted to deal with special tasks such as fulfilling mass demands with automation, innovative products, or using unique raw materials. 

In this blog, we will help you understand the process of moving from an idea to the production stage with Saral Designs, followed by some real examples of SPM projects done by our SARAL TEAM and key capabilities at Saral which can enable SPM development.

Have a look at our blog for more information:

How We Exported Our First Sanitary Pad Making Machine To Bangladesh


Case 1: How did we develop Pads on a Roll making machine?

SARAL made an SPM machine for an award-winning innovator, Egal Pads, from the United States of America to make sanitary 

Access to menstrual hygiene is a basic human right and should be as easily accessible as toilet paper. With this radical vision, Egal Pads, a team based in the USA, have designed a dispensing mechanism (US patent applied) to provide sanitary pads in roll form directly in the toilet, free of cost. Current solutions include purchasing sanitary pads from vending machines. Due to the high capital costs of setting up these machines, the model is not scalable in low-income settings. Additionally, due to regular maintenance, most of the vending machines installed in the USA are dysfunctional.

The pads in a roll, next to toilet paper roll, are a safe, convenient, easy to maintain, and free-of-cost option solving the problem of affordability and accessibility of sanitary pads, directly impacting school/ workplace absenteeism.

The Saral Designs team worked with the Egal Pads team to understand their product requirements and developed an Automatic Sanitary Napkin Making machine to produce sanitary pads and roll them back in a toilet roll form, along with appropriate packaging. The pads are produced at a speed of 100 pads per minute in a roll form.

The Saral Designs team is additionally supporting the Egal team with contract manufacturing of these rolls for usage in the US market.

Once the request for the special purpose machine is placed following steps are taken by saral team

  • Product design by our r&d team members
  • Making the actual prototype
  • Enumerate milestones required
  • State the project scope
  • Actual machine design and approvals by both the parties
  • First the module was created for strips.
  • Second the module of rolls was made.
    • Speed is 100 pads/min
    • MS Frame was used for longer life and sturdiness of the machine
    • Automatic Modules and Mechanical Drive 

You can get a glimpse of our Customer’s Testimonials in the link given below:

Case 2: How did we develop a period relief patch-making machine?

Around 80% of women experience period pain at some stage in their lifetime. But in 5% to 10% of women, the pain is severe enough to disrupt their life. The pain is most often menstrual cramps, which are a throbbing, cramping pain in your lower abdomen.

To solve this problem, Saral has also made another Special Purpose hybrid machine to make period pain relief patches. 

Parisodhana Technologies is a pioneer in developing air-activated heating materials in India. They wanted to use their expertise to develop low-cost, portable, non-electric, odor-free period pain patches. The unique formulation of pain patches along with mask filtration media is a proprietary design of Parisodhana Technologies.

SARAL consulted with the Parisodhna team on end-product CAD design and developed a customized machine to meet the requirements. Saral Designs created a hybrid Swachh 4 series machine that can produce period pain patches at a speed of 70 pieces per minute. This provided Parisodhna with the scale that was required to meet the demand for the essential product. 

Why Partner with Saral Designs for your SPM requirement?

Track Record of Excellence

  • National Entrepreneurship Award-winning company
  • Founded by alumni of IITs
  • Trusted by a strong partner network of 75+ machine partners across 15 states of India and 10 other countries in    Asia and Africa

Innovation focussed 

The agility of a startup
  • Within 100 hours of the lockdown, modified our Sanitary Pad Machine to produce 3-ply surgical masks.
  • Produced 1crore (10 million) SITRA-certified 3ply surgical masks during the Pandemic
Quality of the global company
  • Worked with large corporations like Mahindra & Mahindra and Marico Limited to supply high-quality products
  • Meeting quality standards of GMP, ISO, and FDA
Experienced Team
  • Team of 30+ passionate people from diverse background
  • Capabilities of machine design, procurement, fabrication, operations, after-sales service, finance, marketing, and public health
For Machine Enquiries Contact us on: +91 82865 80043 |+91 81081 39176
Email ID: [email protected]/ [email protected]
Address: EL-11, T.T.C. Industrial Area, MIDC Mahape, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400710

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